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3 things to consider when choosing a guardian for your child

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Guardianship

Naming a guardian for your child is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. It’s one of several ways to ensure your child will be well looked after should you perish before they turn 18.

Selecting the right person is critical but not always easy. Here are some things to consider:

Will they still be able to fulfill the role when needed?

Some people automatically think of their parents when considering who to nominate as a guardian. After all, everyone has first-hand experience of their parents’ child-rearing abilities, and many grandparents already help out with their grandchildren. The problem is that by the time your child is a teenager, your parents might no longer have the health and energy needed to fulfill the role. That’s why it is typically better to choose someone closer to your age.

Are their values similar to yours?

Values, culture and religion can vary widely from person to person. Maybe you are happy for your sister-in-law to look after your kids for a few days, but would you be as happy if your children had to live with her full-time and follow her strict religious views?

Can they make it work?

Taking guardianship of one or more children will be a massive change for anyone. Yet, some will be better placed to cope than others. You should consider a person’s financial and family situations and work commitments. A wealthy relative might have the space and financial means to do the job, but they might not be able to dedicate much time. Equally, someone who could dedicate the time might not have the space or money to take in your kids.

Hopefully, the guardian you choose will never need to step up to their role, but if they do, it would be comforting to know you chose well.