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Why do some Virginia couples seek divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Family Law

Several things can lead to the demise of a Virginia marriage. Infidelity is often thought of as the main reason why most divorces occur. However, a Forbes Advisor divorcee survey revealed that infidelity isn’t the number one cause of divorce.

Lack of family support

The Forbes survey lists lack of family support as the number one cause of divorce. When a spouse or both spouses lack family support, it can worsen issues within the marriage. Lack of support often leads to feeling isolated, frustrated or depressed. These emotions make it difficult to maintain a healthy marriage.

Lack of support from family can also contribute to conflict within a marriage. For example, a husband’s family might not support his marriage. As a result, they could do things to urge the husband to turn away from his spouse. When disagreements arise, the husband’s family can openly support the husband to keep the conflict going.


Although it’s not number one, cheating is high on the list of reasons for divorce. Cheating includes extramarital affairs that are physical or emotional. A physical affair is when a spouse engages in physical sexual activity outside of the marriage.

An emotional affair is when a spouse builds an intimate emotional bond with someone outside of the marriage. In many cases, the emotional bond between the spouse and the outside person overshadows the bonds within the marriage. There’s also a possibility that an emotional affair can eventually become a physical affair.

No compatibility

Lack of compatibility comes in third behind cheating as a cause of divorce. It might seem likely that a couple would know if they’re compatible long before marriage. But some married couples change and grow apart with time.

It’s also possible that some differences can reveal themselves during the marriage. For example, one spouse might lose their sex drive or change their ideas on issues, such as religion and raising children.

Divorce is a life-changing experience that affects many families. According to 2022 data from the American Psychological Association, 40 percent to 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. When couples know the common causes of divorce, they can possibly take steps to build better marriages.