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Social media and divorce troubles

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Family Law

Social media serves as an effective communication tool, but there are times when disseminating information on various platforms could create problems. Persons filing for divorce may discover their social media posts could create unnecessary headaches. Taking a prudent approach to using social media during a Virginia divorce might be advisable.

Social media and public posts

Public posts on social media could backfire on the person who makes them. A stressed-out spouse might make ill-advisable comments on their pages and profiles when going through a challenging divorce. Such behaviors could get them into trouble in court. Even if someone is truly struggling financially, their situation may be challenged if their pictures suggest otherwise. Claims of hardships may face challenges based on photographs that present a different perception – even though they are sincerely in tough financial shape.

Angry posts could paint a perceived picture of someone’s state of mind, whether fair or not. Such posts may affect child custody hearings and other court decisions.

Also, social media posts and interactions do not need to be public information to find their way into court. Messages and comments that are shared in private groups or chats can sometimes end up being used as evidence in court. Again, a measured approach to using social media could work in someone’s favor when they go through a divorce.

Approaches to social media

More extensive privacy settings could keep unwanted eyes away from scrutinizing social media posts. Of course, completely curtailing social media activity could be a wise move during divorce proceedings. When required to make posts, keeping things positive and uncontroversial may be a good idea.

Discussing a divorce online could be another troubling activity. Mentioning the case and the status of negotiations may complicate things, adding to the stress.