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Things to avoid if your spouse wants a divorce and you don’t

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Family Law

If one person in a Virginia marriage thinks everything is fine, it may be a shock when their spouse announces they want a divorce. In this situation, you might want to reconcile; if you believe there’s any chance of that happening, avoid doing these things.

Ignore them

Don’t ignore your spouse when they say they want a divorce. Instead of pretending this is not reality, face it head-on. Address the situation and talk about it; it’s the only course of action when your spouse is serious about wanting to end your marriage. Discussing things rationally might ultimately change their mind.

Beg them

Begging your spouse is another thing you don’t want to do if they want to end things. This can put them on the defensive and make things even more uncomfortable between you. Begging can even put you in more of an adversarial role during this time.

Manipulate them

Never manipulate your spouse if they tell you they want a divorce. Trying to play on their emotions by discussing all the nice things from your past can be seen as guilting them. This tactic never goes over well; it can even cause your spouse to resent you.

Explode in a rage

Even if the mention of divorce has blindsided you and you’re angry, don’t explode in a rage at your spouse. Being loud and irate is never the way to reconcile. If anything, it can reinforce your spouse’s desire for a divorce. Instead of blowing up, remain calm and don’t yell.

Involve your children

Don’t involve children in your marriage issues; it’s unfair and puts them in a bad position. Instead, protect them from the situation.

Divorce is never an easy situation, especially if you think everything is fine. If you want the chance to reconcile, keep a level head and be sensitive toward your spouse.