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Childless couples and divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Family Law

Divorce is a painful process for married Virginia couples. When they have no children, the issues most often lie with finances. Here is what to know about childless divorce.

What is the rate of divorce among childless couples?

Everyone has heard of the term “for the sake of the children.” Many couples going through a divorce make efforts to remain civil to shield their kids from ugliness and fighting. However, this isn’t a concern for married couples who have no children.

If a marriage did not create any children and the couple decides to get a divorce, they don’t have any reason to remain together. This means that a divorce is a true split and that they don’t have to see each other at all anymore.

The divorce rate for childless couples is 66% compared to 40% of couples with children.

What’s the biggest concern for divorcing childless couples?

Finances are the top concern for childless couples going through a divorce. There are no custody or visitation worries, so everything is focused on money. This includes alimony or spousal support and the division of property, assets and debts.

Divorcing couples focus on separate property issues as well. Anything that belonged to one spouse before the marriage is considered that person’s property alone. Meanwhile, property that they acquired after the marriage might be more challenging.

Depending on each party’s income, one spouse might be required to pay alimony to the other. If both spouses are comfortable financially and are able to meet their respective budgets, the court might not order alimony to be paid at all.