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Virginia divorce facts and figures

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Family Law

As of 2022, the divorce rate in Virginia is 3.1% compared to the United States average of 2.3 percent. This is a decrease in the number of people getting divorced, but it does not consider the number of people living together. Other divorce statistics may surprise you.

States with the highest divorce rates

The state with the highest divorce rate is Nevada, where the rate is Nevada, where the divorce rate is 4.2 percent. Oklahoma follows them at 3.8%, Wyoming at 3.7%, and Alabama and Arkansas at 3.6 percent.

States with the lowest divorce rates

Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the United States at 1%, followed by Illinois at 1.3% and Texas at 1.4 percent. Conversely, Virginia finishes 14th as the state with the highest divorce rates.

Countries with the highest divorce rates

While you might think that the beautiful surroundings and warm weather of the Maldives would help marriages survive, they have the highest divorce rate. Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Belgium follow them. The United States finishes tied for 10th place with Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania.

Season to get divorced

Many people are surprised to learn that there is a seasonal spike in divorces between January and March. Researchers attribute this spike to holiday stress.

Growing rate of divorce by age

One statistic that baffles some researchers is the growing number of people over 60 getting divorced. Their divorce rate is six per 1,000. While people with at least a college degree are less likely to get divorced when they are younger, this trend does not hold for those over 60. Many of these marriages have lasted more than 20 years. The movement may be caused by the number of older adults choosing to get remarried, and these marriages are 60% more likely to end in divorce.

Marriage is hard work. The number one reason people give for getting divorced is that they no longer share things in common with their spouse.