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How society benefits from kids spending time with their dads

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Family Law

For decades, Virginia judges typically awarded primary custody of children to their mothers. While this wasn’t true of every divorce, most cases resulted in fathers having no choice but to fight for the chance to spend time with their children. Recent studies indicate societal benefits associated with children spending time with their fathers.

Economic benefits

The presence of a father in the child’s life creates a sense of financial stability. According to a study published by The Linacre Quarterly, custodial mothers lost approximately 50% of their household income following a divorce. Fathers who maintain an active role in their children’s lives also provide added income for those children.

Generational benefits

According to many family law experts, quality relationships between a father and his children get passed down to future generations. When a child has a healthy relationship with their father, they understand what those types of relationships should look like. This makes it possible for those children to eventually create healthy relationships with their own children.

Health benefits

The Linacre Quarterly also reports that children who have healthy relationships with their fathers enjoy better physical health. The same report states that 12% of children raised in a nuclear family experience poor health, while 22% of children with only one parent experience poor physical health.

Societal benefits

Dads’ Resource Center, an organization that provides single fathers with countless resources, reports that children who spend time with their fathers are less likely to commit crimes, rely on government aid, or struggle with addiction. They are more likely to finish high school and college, which results in a healthier society overall.

There is no denying a father’s impact on his children’s lives. It is critical to support healthy relationships between fathers and their children.