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What is included in every successful co-parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Family Law

After parents in Virginia get a divorce, they should focus on the best ways to parent their children. To have a truly successful co-parenting plan, these aspects should always be included.

Understand your parental rights

When you create a co-parenting plan, you should keep in mind that you and your former spouse both have equal rights to your child. As a result, when one parent has the child, the other must avoid interfering. Respecting one another’s time with the child means sharing legal and physical custody equally. You should work together to agree on matters concerning what’s in your child’s best interests and compromise if necessary.

Communicate clearly and effectively

If your divorce wasn’t the most amicable, it might be difficult to communicate. However, for your child’s sake, you must have clear and open lines of communication with your former spouse. In order to co-parent effectively, you need to put aside any differences to resolve any issues and share important information about your child.

Create a detailed schedule

Plan for your schedule with your child. Each parent may have a specific day, holiday or activity with their child that they have always considered special. Discuss these things openly with your former spouse and plan a schedule that outlines when each of you has your child for those special days.

You may also want to decide together on other things such as extracurricular activities, privileges, chores and more. However, you should also respect that some of these details may not be done in the same way at the other parent’s home.

Make important decisions

Discuss important matters relating to your child such as religion, education, medical and even nutrition. You and your former spouse should come to an agreement on these and other issues for your parenting plan in a way that you’re both comfortable with that will benefit your child.

The most successful co-parenting plans take all of these factors into account.