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Empowering others to make better decisions

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Guardianship

Every person has a right to decide for themselves how they will live. This right, however, is limited at times or might be harmful if a person isn’t capable of taking care of themselves. Guardianships and conservatorships in Virginia come into play because the ability to handle money and other matters can take time to develop in people.

First understanding your needs

There are some differences between guardianships and conservatorships that Virginia law makes clear. If you are considering petitioning for either a guardianship or a conservatorship, consider the age of the person and the level of assistance they need substituted in their lives. Consider if the issue is strictly financial or if there are behavioral challenges also.

Virginia guardianships

In the state of Virginia, guardianships are used when behavioral challenges exist. This is often seen with young children who can’t live on their own. Similar conditions can also be seen in an adult who’s suffered a brain injury. Anyone who can’t handle the medical, hygienic or financial matters of their lives could need guardianship.

Virginia conservatorships

Conservatorships are more limited in their scope when activated in Virginia. These arrangements are initially temporary and focus more on finances. A wealthy adult who has squandered their earnings in a public way, for example, might need a conservator. The conservator is someone who aids the financial decisions a person makes.

Guardianships and conservatorships in Virginia

Some cases call for a judge to make a decision between guardianship and conservatorship. What’s important to know is that these options are meant to care for a person who needs extra supervision. The future is unforeseeable, but the law makes provisions to help ensure that vulnerable people are provided for.